Tedious work is my favorite work

One of the only things that can truly help me clear my head is art. I internalize a lot of things. My way of processing all hat is going on around me is through my creativity.

painted washers with scrap booking brads attached


wooden, silver & acrylic beads; “gems” from disassembled clearance Christmas floral arrangements


buttons, beads, pop tops, washers & gaudy disassembled jewelry from Goodwill


wire wrapped & painted washers

This project pretty much sums me up. I got the original idea from Pinterest. They attached two wire hanging baskets to form an orb or globe to turn into a hanging light. Well….I did that part plus some. I rarely leave things “as is.” My wheels started turning and I began adding beads. That still seemed too expected. Anyone can do that, right? I then found some washers in my craft room from another unfinished project and decided to bling them out, too. I wrapped some in ribbons, painted some, wrapped some in wire and even attached some brads from my scrapbook onto them. I, also, took apart some Christmas floral picks that I found on clearance after the holidays. I was able to use some of the bling that was attached to some of the poinsettias. I attached pop tops, too. If it could be wired on to that dang thing, I used it.

It was definitely a labor of love, but love it I do.